ConnecTeach Impact Statement


ConnecTeach Results

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Impact, Scalabilty and Sustainability:


ConnecTeach Impact Statement

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Measuring Impact: Data Collection

ConnecTeach compiles quantitative and qualitative data to measure the impact of what we do. Teacher participation in workshops is only one measure of impact. Throughout the year, we collect data, such as lesson plans, student and teacher attendance, administrator observations, and records of teacher collaboration. Schools also report student achievement scores when possible, and we collect testimonials from the teachers we serve.

This data collection process not only gives us confidence in the impact we are making, but it is also used to inform future programs and services by identifying the most effective tools of our partnerships. But don’t take our word for it. Here is a sample of the testimonials we have received this year:

“This program is going to revolutionize the way reading is taught in Pakistan.”

“I know now that students must make discoveries to learn.”

“I have more confidence and my students are learning so much. I want to show everyone what I have accomplished.” -Usha

“Usually, the administrators do not stay to listen to teacher trainings. But, this was very different. I did not want to miss one minute of this training.”
– Uttar Pradesh official

Scalability Strategy

ConnecTeach is an organization founded by teachers, supported by teachers, to address the needs of teachers. Our deep understanding of education both in practice and theory gives us great flexibility in our delivery of services and programs to meet the needs of partner schools and organizations. In addition to diversification of programs and services, our scaling strategy includes addressing the needs in a continuum of organizational levels, from teachers and schools to NGO’s and state, local, and national governments. As seen from impact growth over 3 years, this has also allowed us to scale operations at an unprecedented rate:

  • 2012- ConnecTeach was established to provide workshops and distance mentoring in India.
  • 2013- Online modules were launched to reach underserved communities where on-site workshops are not possible, reaching teachers in India and Pakistan.
  • 2014- ConnecTeach launched a partnership with CARE India to develop training as well as English language literacy materials. ConnecTeach also began partnerships with schools in the West Bank and Uganda, reaching a total of four countries.
Sustainability Strategy

Real, lasting impact on education quality in underserved schools must be anchored by developing educational infrastructure at the school level.

We do this by not only providing training, resources, and materials to teachers but by collaborating and communicating with administrators to build on-site teacher leadership. Our partnerships include a 5-year implementation plan to create and maintain an environment of effective teaching practices with the development of teacher leaders on each campus. Additional long-term sustainability will include the establishment of Centers for Excellence in Teaching, where teachers from other local schools can find ongoing support in their professional development process.

Because “[w]e are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” (Aristotle)

1 The World Bank estimates the student-teacher ratio in India as 40:1. The accuracy of this figure has been questioned, given the scale of India’s student population. However, our partner schools range from as little as 30:1 to as many as 200 students to 1 teacher. The average student:teacher ratio in our partner schools is conservatively set at 50:1
2 Achievement growth is determined by the average growth of teachers and students over the previous year.