Upcoming Projects

ConnecTeach partners with CARE India!

careindia-hrConnecTeach has entered into a two-year partnership with CARE India to design an accelerated program of English teaching and learning. We will provide training to their teachers and teacher trainers to implement effective instructional practices. Our partnership with CARE focuses specifically on marginalized communities in Uttar Pradesh, helping to improve the quality of education in over 4,500 schools, reaching over 800,000 children.

Raje Chatrapati Maharaj Vidyalaya

Located in Dharavi, Mumbai, South Asia’s largest slum, Raje Chatrapati Maharaj Vidyalaya serves over 2,500 students, in grades K-10. This is one of a few schools serving the children living in this slum. ConnecTeach will begin its first year of partnership in 2014.