How your contribution helps:

How your contribution helps:

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Format, Structure and Successful Students

Format, Structure and Successful Students

Teach children literacy skills, they can read a book. Teach children to think, they can change the world.

By Amy Merk

Education must prepare students for their future. If we want students to embrace this unknown future, educators must also embrace it. There is no certification course that can tell teachers what the future looks like. Right now, teachers all over the world are preparing students for jobs that have not yet been created. So how do we do it?

This is the challenge of wisdom over knowledge. This is the challenge that teachers all over the world are facing right now.

The good news is that there are schools where education is being transformed. There are teachers who understand that the format and structure of education must be amended to keep pace with the skills necessary to succeed in a global world. For teachers who serve students with generational economic and education deficits, this shift represents a unique opportunity to bridge this divide.  Since all educators are facing this challenge, teachers of historically underserved students can be invited into this wave of innovation on an equal playing field. ConnecTeach invites these teachers into this conversation on global education, because we are all preparing students for an unknown future.