Join our Global Giving Campaign

Join our Global Giving Campaign

We have been working fast and furious to launch a district-wide project in Iganga, Uganda. This project will provide leadership training, materials, and support to 1,300 teachers and 30,000 students so that they can have the tools to reduce the rates of HIV/AIDs (which has a current prevalence rate of 15.6%), eliminate domestic violence (which is currently over 70% for ever-married women ages 15-49), and increase the literacy rate (which is at 62% overall and 53% for females).

We have received a huge opportunity to fund this project through a partnership with Global Giving. In order to qualify for membership, we have to show that people are willing to support a project like this through a challenge known as the Accelerator.

If we can raise at least $5000 from 40 donors by June 30, we will be granted a membership, and our project will be featured on their website. Our project will be included in Employee Giving and Corporate Social Responsibility programs run by corporate partners like Microsoft, Ford, and Google. Please go to our Global Giving campaign page to donate and please share the link with friends, family, and colleagues. Just $10 will provide one teacher with classroom teaching and learning materials for one year, and $70 will provide access to our online training course (including much needed internet access) for 50 secondary students.

We can do this! We can give this community the tools and resources to make positive, lasting change happen! Think. Change. Join us!

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