ConnecTeach at CARE Seminar: Addressing Equity Issues in Education

ConnecTeach at CARE Seminar: Addressing Equity Issues in Education

CARE India’s seminar, “Addressing Equity Issues in Education” kicks off January 29 with an aim to provide a platform for a discourse on highlighting and addressing educational equity issues and challenges vis-a-vis teacher preparation and development; among policy makers, practitioners, civil society representatives and researchers in the region. Leading national and international experts and practitioners will share, debate and discuss issues derived from cutting edge research and evidence based practices. The ultimate goal is to make specific recommendations to promote evidence based practices and teaching – learning processes in India.

Bhavani Parpia, ConnecTeach President, will speak on the topic of Understanding how to Address Issues of Equity through Teacher Education, in which she’ll explore what teacher training models and methodologies are effective in bringing changes in teachers’ beliefs and practices.

The three-day seminar will cover:

  1. Issues of Inequity in our Education system
  2. Getting to the Roots: What are the barriers towards achieving equity in our education system? (Two parallel sessions)
  3. School-based approaches in promoting Equity and Diversity
  4. Understanding how to address issues of Equity through Teacher Education
  5. Addressing issues of Equity through Teacher Support Structures: Sharing Experiences/ Strategies
  6. Towards Possible Strategies for taking forward the Equity Agenda (Two Parallel sessions )
  7. VII. Community Involvement Towards Greater Equity
  8. VIII. Strengthening monitoring and accountability mechanisms to ensure equity targets (Panel Discussion)

“The challenges to achieving equity in education in India are complex and entrenched, but not impossible to overcome. ConnecTeach is thrilled to be a part of the important conversation that will take place at this seminar and we look forward to coming away with a shared understanding of what we must do to achieve equity in education.” said Ms. Parpia.

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