Announcing Our Online Teacher Professional Development Series

Announcing Our Online Teacher Professional Development Series

ConnecTeach will launch it first online teacher professional development series in its CloudConnecT™ classrooms in early 2014.

Our online partners are primarily from underserved schools in countries and regions of the world that otherwise would not have ready access to on-site professional development. Thanks to the generous support from Donna Wilhelm Foundation, we will be able to connect online with schools in Palestine, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Any school serving children from impoverished communities are welcome to join the CloudConnecT classrooms. Please email Bhavani at, to learn how you can be a part of our global consortium of educators.

Our online courses, taught by highly experienced master teachers,  include:

  • Questioning Strategies- Structure class discussions to develop deeper levels of student thinking. 
  • Differentiated Instruction for Struggling Readers – Support struggling readers through tools and techniques to accelerate reading skills.
  • Differentiated Instruction for Struggling Students in Math- Support students who struggle to grasp math concepts with tools and techniques to increase conceptual understanding and math fact fluency. 
  • Differentiated Instruction for Advanced Readers- Develop strategies to engage advanced readers in class. 
  • Differentiated Instruction for Advanced Students in Math – Develop strategies to engage students who are advanced in math.
  • Strategies for English Language Learners- Develop strategies to support and facilitate English language acquisition for students who are learning English as a foreign language.
  • Oral Communication Strategies- Develop oral communication for better collaboration with colleagues as well as increased language proficiency for students. 
  • Inquiry-Based Lesson Planning- Create lesson plans to build a student-centered classroom to guide deeper levels of thinking and student engagement. 
  • Reading to Think: Strategies for Comprehension- Teach students to think during reading to build a deeper level of understanding of what they read. 
  • Thinking to Read: Strategies for Decoding- Teach students to use strategies to decode words to facilitate self-directed readers. 
  • Writing to Think: Purposeful Writing- Teach students to use writing for a variety of purposes and understand different writing structures. Module will include writing across the curriculum. 
  • Thinking to Write: The Writing Process – Teach students the steps of the writing process to increase quality of student writing. 
  • Science Discoveries for Elementary Students – Engage students in science concepts through scientific discoveries. 
  • The Scientific Method for Secondary Students – Engage students in the scientific method using innovative techniques and activities. 
  • Classroom Management: Rules and Routines- Structure your classroom using a student- centered positive disciplinary approach.
  • Engagement Strategies – Create a student-centered learning environment using strategies to engage all students. 
  • Formative and Summative Assessments – Create benchmarks to track student progress using formative and summative assessments. 
  • Designing and Implementing Rubrics for Assessment – Develop rubrics as an assessment tool and learn how to implement them in your classroom.
  • Administration: Leading Collaboration – Create an environment of professional collaboration. 
  • Administration: Supervision- Ensure quality teaching is happening in your school through effective supervision techniques.
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